Greetings — October 2015

Happy Fall everyone! I hope this month brings you the cool air, colorful fall leaves, and sweet transitions your heart is seeking. October is my favorite month, not just because it marked the beginning of fall as my favorite season, it’s also Momma’s birthday—in fact she was born on Halloween. Though I lived in California and she lived in North Carolina, I’d get back home on her special day to shower her with hugs, kisses, and birthday wishes.

Each year I’d look forward to seeing the aisles of Halloween merchandise to mark her special day. However, last month was the first time I accidentally walked down the card aisle only to have my heartbreak, as I stood face-to-face with towers of Halloween merchandise. It was bittersweet as my tears welled up, falling from my face. I took a beat, gathered my mixed emotions, and collected myself.

Since childhood I have loved this month. I still do. I allowed the fact that I miss Momma something terrible to bubble up inside me and also let it be okay that I miss her physical smile, gentle touch and the sound of her voice.

I could feel that familiar grief tsunami roaring through the store to drag me under as it’s done often since Momma passed. Instead of fighting it as I’d done before when people I love died, I’ve learned to allow the feelings to move through me—to accept these emotions as gifts to un-break my heart and to eventually lift me into a healthier, happier human being.

This simple act of allowing each emotional wave to move through me has been a remarkable teaching tool. After getting centered, I made a new decision right then and there. It was to see each and all Halloween markers as what they really are— new ways for Momma to say, “Hey there Edward,” from the other side. It’s true, I’ve heard Momma speaking to me, or giving me signs from “over there” almost daily since she left her exhausted body in January.

With my new decision I walked the aisles glancing at candy corn, chocolate bars and autumn arrangements as dozens of fun, amazing memories of Momma and me spending her birthday together happily washed through my heart. Then I felt Momma smiling at me. It was a feeling, but it was real too. I saw her face in my mind’s eye, her famous half grin with her head tilted slightly to the side. A rush of joy moved through my body and lifted my thoughts higher with its frequency.

My new, deliberate desire to see all symbols for the fall, and especially all things Halloween as signs from Momma has positively changed my old perspective and lifted my spirits to a whole new height. Of course, this change will take some getting used to, this I know. Then again our lives are about change, growth, learning, and above all else, love for one other.

Momma is love personified now. She is pure positive energy and if I want to be in her love energy, I must raise my energy, thoughts, and personal belief systems in order to hang out with her. Now, I am looking forward to more happy signs from her this month and every month.

Happy Halloween and I hope you have a wonderful fall. Until we meet again remember to keep your thoughts, feelings, and frequencies high, fast, and pure so that you may unlock the Universe within!

With Love and Light,


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