Greetings — July

Where Are You Swimming?

As the summer floats by in waves of sweltering heat I’m reminded of one of my first trips to the beach as a kid. I was ten when our family vacationed at the beach and Mom allowed us to swim under lifeguard supervision, but between our hotel and coastal shoreline we had found a murky lagoon complete with a rushing water pipe jetting about six feet from the bank above the pond below.  We had struck gold!

For an hour my brothers and I frolicked in the cloudy water when an elderly man barked, “Why are you idiots swimming in that cesspool?” With disgust he looked toward the beach then back to us. Pointing to the coastline he said, “With 40 million square miles of ocean right there, why are you swimming in s#%t?” He staggered away mumbling “those idiots” while we ran from liquid manure to the ocean to wash away our newfound rashes.

Today I see the lesson in our stinky childhood mishap. Given a choice between swimming laps in a cesspool or the Atlantic, I prefer the Atlantic.


Thought Duality


Dual implies twin or twofold. With two sides to every coin we choose the side we give attention to. Used wisely, freedom of choice is a great attribute as our Universe is perfect balance. For every joyous thought there is sadness, for every wrong a there’s a right and for every clean ocean there’s a septic tank.

Every thought has perfect duality. All thought gives birth to feeling frequencies that create our realities. Dr. Murphy said, “Thoughts activate emotion and emotions can kill or cure.” It’s true that our thought-frequencies either help us or hurt us.

Because thoughts activate emotional frequencies it’s important to choose the hi-frequency side of every coin as often as possible. Choosing wisely insures a happier life.

Just-in-case you go for low frequency cesspool thoughts instead of hi-frequency ocean thoughts, remember my brazen earth angel when I was ten years old and ask yourself, “Why are you swimming in s#%t?” then flow from this temporary cesspool mentality and hurry to the pure ocean side of your heart and mind, then dive into a rich, happy life.

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