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I recently read, Man Up, a memoir by television personality, Ross Mathews. For me, his book was laugh out loud funny and uniquely spiritual. I enjoyed it so much that a friend and I went to a taping of his show, Hello Ross!

For Ross-Newbie’s, his actual TV career started as a 3-month internship at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. On his last day, producers offered him an on-camera gig with George Clooney and the cast of Ocean’s Eleven where he wowed audiences and became a permanent fixture there.

I say his, “actual TV career” started with Leno, but as an intuitive I know his childhood passion for TV and pop culture initially magnetized his current celebrity status to him. How?

Everybody has what I call, pure projected energy. Pure projected energy is when we frequently look at, talk about, and imagine things that make us happy. These “happy feeling things” naturally uplift us, and in turn serves as a magnet drawing people, places, and circumstances to us.

For example, as a kid I loved dance and was obsessed with, Soul Train, American Bandstand and Dance Fever. This love enthusiastically projected thousands of heart driven images about dancing from me and out into the nonphysical universe. As a result 99% of my dance dreams became a reality some years later. I won national first place trophies and first place in the N.C. semi-finals of, Dance Fever! Who knew?

Just as I had projected pure energy about dance, Ross has launched thousands of appreciative energy waves about pop culture into the Universe. Just as my childhood dreams became a reality, Mathew’s dreams of television stardom did too! Exciting right?

I’m sharing these stories so you might see the invisible connection between your childhood dreams and how they wonderfully affect your current reality and honestly, I’m curious how many of your dreams have come true thus far.

For fun, make a list of things you’ve dreamt about, happy things you pondered for hours on end. Make notes of when you began seeing the pure positive emotional energy from your childhood imaginings began to manifest themselves throughout your adult life.

For a perfect example of pure projected energy, grab Ross Mathew’s book, Man Up! Better yet, be sure to watch Hello Ross on E!—And be a joyous co-creator in witnessing another persons dreams-come-true. Remember, like-attracts-like and when we are genuinely happy for another person’s success, we attract continued success back to us.

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