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February Greetings 2016

Did you know Appreci-Asking is a love frequency that can transform your life? For example, in the fall of 1999 I decided I was going to Machu Picchu. My desire to travel there was huge, but so was my resistance. My contradiction was about cost, traveling alone, and the long flight until I remembered Abraham-Hicks saying, “Each time we appreciate something, we harmonize with that which we are appreciating.”

Meaning, if I appreciate a sunset over the Andean Mountains, my soul’s invisible essence merges with the energy of the sunset and mountains. In that exact moment the sunset, mountains, and I become one-succinct-consciousness.

That’s when I realized, “Appreciation” is always sincerely “asking” the Universe for our heart’s desire from our heart and soul’s unconditional love. Simply stated:


  • Bypasses outdated programming,
  • Sends pure energy signals from us to the universe,
  • And benefits others and us in miraculous ways.

After this realization, I got fired up, and immediately started an Appreci-Asking Campaign. I gathered Peruvian pictures, videos, books, and magazine articles. I collected, appreciated, and stayed excited about all things Peru for two months when, out-of-the-blue a client called and said, “Hey Eddie, do you know anything Peru?

I laughed, “Yes! Why do you ask?”

He replied, “Because I want go, but only if I can find a spiritual person to travel with.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My heart was pounding. Goosebumps covered my neck and arms. 30 minutes later we hung up, and one week later my first trip to Peru was locked in with a great traveling companion, to the exact place I had flowed hi-frequency feelings toward for nearly two months. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this 10-day trip with Carolyn Myss was all expenses paid?

When launching our heart’s desires, it’s not our place to figure out the millions of details or to worry about the eternal “how’s” or endless “whys”. It is our place however, to purely appreciate our desires for the joy of it.

What is appreciation? It is a form of love. When we appreciate a person, place, or thing we are, in that moment feeling some high or low degree of love for that person, place, or thing. Of course, gratitude and thanksgiving are love frequencies too.

Looking back at my first Peru miracle today, I completely see that all I really did back then was to stay in my appreciation vortex while looking through my new pictures, videos, and images of Machu Picchu. In my authentic space of pure appreciation I was actually “asking” the Universe to bring my desired trip to me; and boy did it!

And you can too! Now that you know, Appreci-Asking is a love frequency that can transform your life, what kinds of things will you appreciate this February? Do what I did and go on your very own Appreci-Asking Campaign for the joy of it.

Write and let me know what kinds of gorgeous feeling frequencies you created for yourself. Have fun co-creating with the Universe and until we meet again, remember to keep your thoughts, feelings, and frequencies high, fast, and pure so that you can Unlock the Universe Within!


With Love,


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