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We’ve all heard, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” This quote takes on a whole new meaning when someone we love crosses over into the spiritual realm. It’s been three months since Momma passed away and I miss her voice and smile in the deepest way. The absence of her physical presence makes my heart ache.

I know what I loved most about her earthly personality is now amplified ten-fold on the other side. This new, core essence version of Momma is taking me some getting used to — but she’s still popping in from time to time to say, “Hello” and to give me brilliant signs that she’s around.

Since her passing, friends and associates asked me how they might receive messages from loved ones as I have. First, you don’t have to be a psychic-medium to connect with your loved ones.

The hardest thing is to not feel sad when we’re missing them. It’s our sadness and grief that keeps us from connecting with these loved ones. I’m still grieving, but in my heart I know Momma is in a better place. She’s happy, thriving and literally aligned with the stream of pure, positive energy that creates worlds. And if I want to create a consistent connection and receive signs from her in spirit, I must work to keep my personal thoughts and feelings as pure as I can.

In other words, her energy is electric and vibrating through the roof and my energy must be elevated high and pure in order to receive contact from her.

“What are some of the ways you keep your energy ramped up?” friends ask.

One way is by writing down things I’m grateful for. Sometimes it’s a love letter to Momma, other times it’s a gratitude list. Just this morning I sat in the sunlight and jotted this Appreciation List.


Momma, thank you for molding me into a better person and for being a firm, fair parent. Thank you for being both my Mother and Father figures while showing me the rewards of hard work and treating others well. Thank you for teaching me manners, respect, and kindness and for loving me with your words and actions.

Thank you being tough when I needed it and for being gentle too. Thank you Momma for being practical, down to earth and for allowing me to express my artistic abilities in unique ways.

Thank you for your one-liners, laughter and humor. Thank you for guiding me during your time on Earth and for loving me from the spirit world. Thank you for visiting with me in my prayers, dreams and visualizations and for popping in with your beauty, grace, and sweet smile.

Most of all, thank you for holding me in your heart. Thank you for believing in me, for giving me the wings to continue making my dreams come true. Momma, I know you’re with me and I love you more each day and thank you in advance for our continued communication.


I know it’s a little long winded, but I feel this example demonstrates how we can stay connected with our loved ones in spirit. When I wrote my Appreciation List it brought up dozens of memories that made me smile, laugh out loud, and feel good. Plus, when we write our thoughts down on paper it’s ten-times more powerful than when we are just thinking them, or saying them out loud.

Writing happy memories and expressing our love and gratitude for something or someone is a great way to summon life force energy from the Universe. Meaning, when we hold happier feeling frequencies in our bodies and brains for longer periods of time, we drop our sadness. Which in turn empowers us to sense, see and hear our loved ones communicating with us from spirit.

Momma’s physical absence will take some getting used to. Of course I will miss that aspect of her everyday, but I still have her love, soul essence and communication, not to mention her sense of humor and infamous twinkle in her eye.

The simplest, hardest thing to remember is that I am the one that must stay connected to my source energy. It is essentially up to me to elevate my feeling frequencies in order to sustain easy communication with Momma, especially since this is my very first Mother’s Day with her being with me in spirit – on the other side.

With Appreciation Always,


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