NEW Explore Spiritual Peru Tour

Greetings — November 2015

Since I am putting together a new world tour, I instantly began to reflect on my past tours. For example, in May 2008 I took an intimate group of twenty powerful individuals on the “Explore Spiritual Peru Tour.” We laughed, we healed, and most importantly, we loved.

From the moment we landed in Lima our group proved to be highly spiritual, amazingly intuitive, and profoundly excited to welcome mystical experiences with open hearts. I’ve learned first hand that whatever frequency you radiate in Peru is magnified ten-fold. Knowing this information prepared us to keep our thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure.

Some of our highlights were:

  • To contribute to the Quechua people by donating school supplies to a local elementary school in the mountains.
  • Working with Quechua Shamans, who guided us in a blessing to Mother Earth at the Inca Temple of Pomatales.
  • Experiencing healing circles, the Salt Mines of Maras, Machu Picchu, circling condors, and working with our amazing Spirit Guide Abelardo.

 Of course, there is Machu Picchu, the Temple of the Moon, Aguas Calientes, the Sun Gate, Huayna Picchu, the Sacred Valley, the Amazon Jungle, past life bleed- throughs, psychic experiences, amplified visions and heightened dreams.

As a conscious group of co-creators, we realized there is something to be said about leaving the familiarity of our daily routines and trekking to another country and experiencing their frequencies. The fresh perspective that international travel brings inspires us into a deeper connection to our purpose.

World travel has changed my point of view and changed my life. The first world tour I did in 2000 to Peru lead to life long friends and dreams achieved. Since then, life has only gotten better.

This new trip abroad will be my ninth world tour and with a smile in my heart and song in my soul I can once again say I’ll make new friends that are sure to be life long connections as a result of following my heart’s desire.

Speaking of new experiences and changed perceptions a member of our soul group wrote this poem after our group worked with the Shamans at the Temple of Pomatales. I believe his words invoke the spirit in all of us. Enjoy Joe’s poem and remember, until we meet again next month, keep your thoughts, feelings and frequencies high, fast and pure!

Embracing the Inca Spirit

Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Air, Sun and Moon

182 steep steps to climb to the altar.

Going up to open our hearts and make more room

For God to enter and propose a barter.


Exchange our old ways for something new

Through the ceremony of releasing our coca leaves

And lifting our petitions to the sky of blue

Prepared for all the graces our soul receives.


Shamans provide a glimpse into our Soul

By chanting and praying words to the Universe

Heavenly transitions begin to emerge and flow

Taking away our mortal baggage and any evil curse.


Cleansed from ascending to this Inca alter in the sky

We leave refreshed, renewed with a newborn high

Ready to go out and be of service

To anywhere the four winds direct us.

Composed by Joe Naylor after our Shamanic Ceremony in Peru

With Love and Light,


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