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I was a gawky, pimple-faced teenager trying desperately to be invisible from the world until art, and music changed my life. Art magnetized my soul tribes and began healing my self-esteem. Being among artists, musicians, and singers in high school made me realize I wasn’t weird for drawing, painting, disco dancing, (it was the 70’s) and writing instead of hunting and fishing.

Through creative expression, I left a lifetime of loneliness; and had purpose through creative communities that accepted me. I felt seen and heard without needing to hide, my mind and emotions relaxed. I met other kids instead running from them. I loved my new like-minded friends. Each week we came together to express our uniqueness together. It was heaven.

In Los Angeles, there are millions of artists gathered here. My favorite people to do psychic readings for are artists because they’re open-minded and usually open-hearted. That’s the bright side of being an artist.


The dark side is, artists are often riddled with self-sabotage. Something I gently refer to as, the Starving Artist Syndrome. This dark side does not go away when an artist achieves their goals. Actually, the higher a creative person goes, the higher their self-sabotage goes too. For example, fame amplifies a person’s true self. If you’re a kind person when you’re broke-ass-broke, your kindness is amplified ten-fold when you’re successful.

The same is true if you’re a plain run-of-the-mill asshole. Fame amplifies that attribute too. It’s a dramatic statement, but after 25 years of connecting with the biggest artists in the world, I see this Starving Artist pattern daily. Of course, it’s not all bad.

Part of what tames an artist’s resistance is to consistently feed the heart with beauty, movies, lyrics, movement, dance, meditation, music, kindness, travel, and inspirational people, places, circumstances and situations resonating with your inner being. This throws our soul wide open which is why it’s great to be happily obsessed with our personal artistic expression.


I would not be where I am today had I not been obsessed. I had a fantastically big imagination growing up. (and still do) Once I learned to use my imagination to hold gorgeous images, ideas, and creative solutions instead of fear, the entire Universe conspired to put me in the right places, at the right times, with the right tribes that complimented my artistic expression. And it’ll do the same for you, if you choose to shift from fear to love, or shift from not enough to feeling abundant thoughts that put a smile in your heart.

Phylicia Rasha said it best. “Before a child talks, they sing. Before they write, they draw. As soon as they stand, they dance. Art is fundamental human expression.” It’s so true.

Our soul expresses through our bodies and minds via our imagination and intuition. Intuition and imagination are twin flame souls living “as one” in our psyche. Intuition and imagination exists whether we have a physical body or not. It’s our empathic sensitivity that translates these creative frequencies, and pulling them from the nonphysical realms, to us and through our physical bodies and onto the Earth plane. Here, our artistic self is produced as an extension of our soul. Go back to your childhood. Remember your imagination. Sing. Draw. Paint. Dance. The reality is, that we’re unique individuals here to express that invisible part of us.

And on that note, until we meet again. Remember to keep your thoughts feelings, and frequencies high, fast, and pure so that you can unlock the Universe Within!

With Love and Light Always,




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