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Last week I locked in my hotel rooms, rental cars, and airline tickets for my upcoming North Carolina tour. At first, I forgot to line up my energy. I even forgot I had created a workbook and journal reminding me to do just that. It’s titled, How to Get Your Travel Freq On, and it’s just in time for your holiday travels.

Before jumping in your car, on a plane, or in a wheel barrel for your upcoming travel destinations, I have an important question for you. Which arrives to your travel destination first: your thoughts and feelings about your trip, or your body?

The answer: Your thoughts and feelings always arrive at your destination, long before you get out of bed.

It’s true. Whether you’re planning a trip around the world, a tour from California to North Carolina, or just a simple hike near your home, it’s essential to line up your invisible attributes first. Why? Because you want to create the happiest experience possible. And if you don’t line-up your personal feeling frequencies first, you could become the victim of other people’s ill-fitting intentions, and you don’t deserve that.


You are living between two worlds? One is the physical world where we can touch, taste, see, hear, and smell things. We have concrete proof the physical world exists because every time we look around, there it is.

At the same time, we also live in an enormous world that governs our every aspect. It’s the spiritual world. This invisible world is more influential in co-creating our lives than most people know! As a, Soul Intuitive, I’ve worked with the spiritual realm most of my life. Humans are always supported by the Universe, nonphysical beings, energetic influences, and by our own soul! We are composed of more invisible energy than we can see or hear inside these temporary meat-suites we live in.


Why the title, Get Your Travel Freq On? Because, Freq is an abbreviation of the word, Frequency. I love acknowledging the power of frequency, because it’s an invisible energy that can lift our consciousness higher into prosperity, or slam us down into the bowels of poverty.

Who and what decides whether or not we attract lovely things for ourselves? We do! Who and what decides whether or not we attract challenging things We do! How?

Each time we think a thought, we emit an invisible feeling frequency based on that thought. If we think a feel-good thought, we emit a feel-good feeling which automatically creates a higher frequency. And when we think a bad thought, we emit a bad feeling which automatically creates a lower frequency. As humans, we are literally wired to connect with our invisible attributes first and take action second. Not the other way around.

This workbook and journal is a fun reminder for us to summon the nonphysical energy that creates worlds in every area of our lives, for the joy of it. Play with your soul’s energy and always remember to keep your thoughts, feelings, and frequencies, high, fast, and pure so that you can Unlock the Universe Within.

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Whether you’re planning a trip around the world or a simple hike near your home, it’s essential to line up your invisible attributes before you walk out the door.


“How to Get Your Travel Freq On,” helps readers line up their energy in order to manifest happy travel experiences. This workbook/journal is filled with hi-frequency travel tips, personal stories, affirmations, quotes, and feeling prompts. Each tip helps bring an intuitive awareness back to your heart, mind, and soul’s essence to blend your physical body and environment with your deeper human soul, while traveling through this world – and beyond. Available at

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